View the Africa DNS Virtual Forum 2020 Agenda

Agenda: Africa DNS Virtual Forum 2020 | 27 – 28 July 2020 (All times are in UTC)

Theme: DNS as a Catalyst for Social and Economic Resilience in the face of Calamities
8:00 – 8:10     Introduction and formal opening session

Welcome Remarks by leaders from respective organizing Partners

Moderator -Barrack Otieno – AFTLD

  • Alex Corenthin – AFTLD
  • Pierre Dandjinou – ICANN
  • Mouhamet Diop – AFREGISTRAR
8:10 – 8:20  Remarks from other Regional Actors

Brief remarks from representatives of regional Internet Organizations and the Africa Union

  • Dawit Bekele – ISOC 
  • Moctar Yedaly –  AUC
  • Eddy Kayihura – AFRINIC
  • Dr. Nii Quaynor – AFNOG
8:20 – 10:00  DNS and Emerging Issues during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Panel Discussion: This panel will look into the impact, response, opportunities, and challenges due to the Covid-19 Pandemic from respective industry perspectives.

Moderator: Ali Hadji Mmadi NIC.KM and AFTLD

  • Dr. Habil Olaka-  CEO, Kenya Bankers Association – Financial Sector Perspective
  • Alain Aina, CTO- WACREN – Academia Perspective
  • Lucky Masilela-  CEO, ZACR  –  DNS Industry Perspective
  • Ousmane Ly- General Director, National Agency for Telehealth and Medical Data Processing in Mali –  Health Sector Perspective
Afternoon Session: 12:00 PM – 14:00 PM UTC
12:00 – 14:00

Policy Focused Session

(DNS related Policy Issues)

Panel Discussion: This session will examine the relevant policy interventions necessary to support the DNS Industry in Africa and propose possible approaches and stakeholders best placed to implement them.  

Moderator: Eric Akumiah

  • Edith Udeagu- Executive Secretary, NIRA– Enabling Policy Environment – Case of Nigeria
  • Dr. Nii Quaynor- Chairman, Ghana Dot Com – How do we mainstream the DNS / Raise DNS visibility as a public good worthy of the support and investment by policymakers?
  • Judith Samantha  – Lawyer- What Policy adjustments would the DNS Industry in Africa seek going forward
  • Palesa Legoze – Chairperson, South Africa Domain Name Authority .zaDNA Role of Governments in safeguarding the DNS
Morning Session: 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM UTC
8:00 – 10:00 

Technical Focused Session

Behavior of the DNS during this Pandemic (Security- Resilience- Abuse)

Panel: The first part of the session will highlight recent studies and findings on the behavior of the DNS and Internet Usage in general with a focus on DNS Abuse and Bandwidth Usage trends. The second, will focus on regional case studies, followed by an interactive Q&A 

Moderator: Wafa Dahmai – ATI(.TN)

  • John Crain- Chief Security, Stability & Resiliency Office, ICANN- Presentation on Behavior and DNS Security During this Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Eddie Kayihura- CEO, AFRINIC – Presentation on Perspectives from AFRINIC 
  • Regisse Masse –  Chief Technology Officer –  AFNIC (.FR cc TLD) – Presentation on TLD Ops /  Disaster Recovery Playbook 
  • Albert Kamga – ANTIC – Presentation on .CM (Cameroon)- as a Case Study
Afternoon Session: 12:00 PM – 14:00 PM UTC
12:00 –13:40

Marketing / Online Branding / Intellectual Property Focused Session

Panel: This session attempts to answer the following questions:

  • Can you pay for your domain Online- across Countries?
  • How do you choose a good domain name that embodies your brand (and amplifies SEO)?
  • How do you maintain a brand’s digital persona and protect it from domain hacking and spoofing?

Moderator: Joel Karubiu –CEO Kenya Network Information Centre

  • Jonathan Gahamayi – Afripay- Automation / EPP / E-payments 
  • Barrack Otieno- AFTLD – State of Registrations in Africa Compared to other regions 
  • Abdelmonem Galila -. Deputy Manager of Masr -IDN TLD– / Universal Acceptance & Branding
  • Mouhamet Diop- Chairman Africa Registrars Association View from AFRegistrars
13:40 –14:00 

Forum Closing Session

Moderator:  Yaovi Atohoun

Meeting Summary: Kevin Chege – Director Internet Development Internet Society

  • Alex Corenthin–  AFTLD  –Update on the DNS Observatory
  • Pierre Dandjinou– ICANN – Update on the DNSSEC Survey
  • Mouhamet Diop – AFREGISTRAR
  • Nick Tomasso- Vice President- Global Meeting Operations and Managing Director – Middle East and Africa- ICANN