Practical Information

Gaborone, Botswana

About Botswana

Botswana is a landlocked country situated in Southern Africa with a population of around 2 million

people. A country with four decades of uninterrupted civilian leadership, progressive social policies,

and significant capital investment, it is considered to be one of the most dynamic economies in

Africa. Botswana has good communication network, a well maintained and efficient road system

linking to other SADC countries. In terms of internet connectivity, it has been reported to be the

third best country in Africa.


In Botswana land sustains life, as in all of Africa. Botswana’s national revenue is generated

particularly by the diamond mining industry. Cattle-rearing is the most significant agricultural

enterprise. Beef exports to Europe represent Botswana's second largest income generator, and the

booming tourism industry, currently third, may soon overtake the beef industry as the nation

continues to diversify its economy.


Botswana is well known for having some of the best wilderness and wildlife areas on the African

continent. With 38 per cent of its total land area devoted to national parks, reserves and

wildlife management areas – for the most part unfenced, allowing animals to roam wild and free –

travel through many parts of the country has the feeling of moving through an immense Nature



Home to the world’s largest intact inland Delta – the Okavango; the unimaginable vastness of the

world’s second largest game reserve – the Central Kalahari Game Reserve; the isolation and

otherworldliness of the Makgadikgadi – uninhabited pans the size of Portugal; and the astoundingly

prolific wildlife of the Chobe National Park, Botswana is a rarity in our overpopulated, overdeveloped

world. Untamed and untamable, it is one of the last great refuges for Nature’s magnificent pageantry

of life.


The major health risks in Botswana are malaria and typhoid. Malaria is a particular risk between

November and June in the northern parts of the country. There are no compulsory vaccinations, but

a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from Travelers over one year of age coming from

infected countries. Strongly recommended vaccinations are: Typhoid and Hepatitis A.


The hottest time of year in Botswana is between October and April when shade temperatures rise to

the 38°C mark. This is as well the rainy season for Botswana. Rainfall tends to be erratic,

unpredictable and highly regional. Showers are often followed by strong sunshine so that a good

deal of the rainfall does not penetrate the ground but is lost to evaporation and transpiration.

Average day temperature: October to March 68°F - 105°F / 20°C - 40°C, April to September 33°F –

68°F / 0°C – 20°C.


English is the official language. Setswana is the local language.


1 Pula (BWP) = 100 Thebe

Notes: 200, 100, 50, 20, 10

Coins: 50, 25, 10 and 5 Thebe

Currency Exchange Rates as at 27 February 2019t pages (of applicant) showing validity and photograph of bearer

  • Two recent color passport size photos
  • Covering letter from the host
  • A non-refundable fee of BWP1,500.00 per application
  • Travel Schedule/Flight itinerary/Bookings
  • A copy of Hotel bookings.


Air Travel to Botswana is predominantly through South Africa. Travelers to Botswana are therefore

advised to ensure they have all the requirements to transit through South Africa.

Airlines flying to Gaborone:

South African, Namibian Airlines, Air Botswana

Time Zones:

Summer time: GMT + 2 hours from the 1st Sunday in September to the 1st Sunday in April. Winter

time: GMT + 1 hour from the 1st Sunday in April to the 1st Sunday in September.


230V AC 50Hz Round/square type three-pin plugs are used

Local Time

UCT + 2.00 hours (Harare, Pretoria)

International Telephone Dialing

Int. Code + 267


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