This year, the Africa Domain Name System Forum, an event that started in 2013, turns 10 years old. It has been a journey filled with mixed results, great insights, challenges, and opportunities. We are confident of the tremendous success witnessed in the industry and the opportunities that abound considering the DNS landscape in Africa, which could not have been achieved without the support of various actors within and beyond the African continent. One of the objectives of the forum since its inception is to recognize, reward, appreciate and acknowledge excellence in the Africa DNS marketplace. This would be by establishing thoughtful and transparent criteria for selecting deserving individual and institutional players who have made significant contributions to the overall growth and development of the Africa DNS Industry and marketplace. 

Categories of the Awards

There will be two categories of awards during the 10th Africa DNS Forum.

Africa DNS Excellence Award (Two in total)

To be offered to one institution and one individual who have demonstrated innovation in maintaining the resilient and sustainable development of the DNS industry in Africa. Target institutions could include but are not limited to registries, registrars, registrants, ISPs, or research institutions. This will be an annual award going forward.

Recognition and Acknowledgement Award (Ten in total)

This award will target institutions and  individuals who made outstanding contributions to the development of the DNS industry in Africa. This could be organizers of the DNS Forum or any other events that have contributed to DNS development in Africa.

Selection Criteria

Ideal candidates may be organizations or Individuals of African nationality, headquartered in Africa, which meet some or most of the below criteria:

  • They have developed capacity-building programs that positively influence the African DNS landscape.
  • They have hosted Africa DNS Forums and/or been consistent sponsors of Africa DNS Forum over the years.
  • They have participated in the establishment and promotion of national DNS forums across Africa.
  • They are champions of innovative solutions to improve the African DNS marketplace.
  • They have promoted research in the Africa DNS marketplace.

Selection Panel

A community-based review panel of leaders in the Africa domain name ecosystem will consider the nominations in light of the criteria and recommend a short list of nominees for each category to the organizing partners of the Africa DNS Forum for consideration and adoption. The members of the selection panel include:

  1. Professor Souleymane  Oumtanga
  2. Professor Nicolas Razafindrakoto
  3. Hadia El Miniawi
  4. Oluniyi Ajao
  5. Ramanou Biaou
  6. Mary Uduma

Nominees and interested candidates were requested via the Africa DNS Forum mailing list, to send their proposals via email to The selected winning nominees will be officially recognized during the Africa DNS Forum gala on October 5, 2022.”